Christopher M Tiso


Christopher M Tiso

Christopher M. Tiso is an experienced executive who has founded and served as Chief Executive of several companies, including many in the regulatory and internet fields.  Christopher has expertise in a broad range of areas, including regulatory affairs, the development of internet technologies, finance, and risk management.

Christopher’s first business in the area of environmental compliance began as a start-up in 1995.  As CEO, he implemented several processes and developed novel technologies that enabled the business to grow at scale.  Christopher also founded, Brandwire NYC, a company in the digital media space.  As CEO he developed tools that simplified online marketing for luxury brands he served.  In July 2014, Brandwire NYC was sold to a leading NYC agency.

In all of Christopher’s business endeavors, he maintains a process-oriented focus directed at simplifying complex tasks and making sure that the final product or service is user friendly.  This simplified approach enabled rapid growth in the companies he’s managed.

Christopher received a J.D. (with distinction) from Georgetown Law and a B.A. (cum laude) in Mathematics and Economics from New York University.